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Custom Interior & Exterior Design/Decor

Showcasing Your Mood!!

Eventeriors  by Jacqueline provides the following Interior Design Services:

 - Interior Design/Redesign for Home or Office

- Exterior Design/Redesign for Porches, Patios and Decks 

- Seasonal Design for Home or Office

- Interior Staging for Real Estate Sales

Our Interior/Exterior Design Consultants beautify, improve and update the appearance and functionality of interior and/or exterior spaces, to satisfy the client's desire for a new look, need to replace or update existing furnishings/decor, or to accommodate the upcoming change in seasons.  Re-design services include taking stock of a person’s furnishings and decorative accessories, then rearranging or “repurposing” them in the same space.   

For the commercial space, we offer design, setup and organization of lobbies, entryways, conference rooms and storage areas.  In addition we offer real estate staging, which encompasses the creation of a plan that allows the Interior/Exterior Design Consultant to size up a home for sale and make improvements and updating suggestions that can help the client's home sell faster.

Let one of our Interior/Exterior Design Consultants design/redesign your space today.  All decor/design services performed to fit your budget.   

Custom Interior & Exterior Design/Decor: Service
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