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One Year Reflection on Parents 50 Year Anniversary - Eventeriors Premier, Local Launch of 2018

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Today mark's my parents (Cornelius & Florence McKoy) 51st wedding anniversary and to both of them I say congratulations and cheers!! It's also the day that I reflect on the premier, local launch of Eventeriors (later changed to Eventeriors by Jacqueline) in my hometown, as I managed all aspects of the successful planning, design, custom invitations/decor creation, selection of gowns/tuxedos for the couple/ immediate family and day of service support, including venue decor setup/take-down for this glorious, formal "Gold, Black and Ivory Affair", held on Saturday evening, February 3, 2018, at the local community building in my home town.

As I reflect on the amount of effort that it took to pull this event off, the irony of being the planner/decorator and the client, absorbing all of the costs, finding volunteers to assist, unexpected challenges that arose and the lessons learned; the joy expressed by the couple, their immediate family and their guests more than made up for the sacrifices made on my part.

50th Anniversary Portrait

This is just one reminder of why I love to do this type of work and why I want to inspire others with the same passion for event planning, decor, sparkly things, glitter and the smiling faces of happy clients, to push their passions forward from hobbies to entrepreneurship opportunities driven by online businesses management tools, so you can take your business to the next level and reflect on the beauty in it all, after every event is over. And if you need a little inspiration, motivation or help, Eventeriors by Jacqueline is here to assist you.

Visit us at and join the Eventeriors' family today.

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