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Eventeriors by Jacqueline - The Launch of Something Beautiful

This is the week, that I finally launch the start of "something beautiful" from an online perspective. Eventeriors, is an idea that I coined for my solo-owned, event planning and interior design company in the fall of 2017. The initial plans included running the virtual operations out of my home office for local clients, continuing to provide event planning, interior design and decor creation/ selection services, as I have on intermittent weekends, since my teenage years as a hobby, then as an adult, as a division of Southern Occasions (Partnership). The idea for the branding of my business logo and colors was

inspired by this $5 mug that I found at my local Walmart, as it embodies my favorite design elements: stripes and polka-dots, my favorite combination of of colors (black, white, hot pink and gold) and my favorite flower, knock-out roses, like the ones planted around my home. To top it off it has "Boss Lady" in the center of it all. I felt like this was made just for me.

I've planned weddings, anniversaries, baby showers , retirement parties, etc. not only managing the necessary tasks required to

make the event successful, but also designing/

setting up center pieces, tablescapes and back drops. For my home and the homes of clients I also continue to design new/inviting spaces, declutter, organize, redesign and encourage clients to shop from their homes first, to find pieces that take on a new identity once exposed to some type of cosmetic update and/or moved to a different location .

Now after reflecting on what I love to do in this arena, I now plan to take the management of my new business online via the launch of a newly, self-designed website, with links to social media sites, as I embark upon the new age of online business management, with its tools, software and viral marketing strategies. Performing a search for the use of the business name "Eventeriors" via domain name searched and trademarks, yielded no results, so I quickly hurried to purchase the .com, .net and .org versions of URL for the website, as my primary platform.

A year later, I found two other business using the same name on Facebook, but I was undeterred, as I changed the name to "Eventeriors by Jacqueline" and expanded the meaning of this name to business offerings that not only include design management for Events and Interiors, as the other two firms offer, but differentiated my offerings to also include Exterior (Porches, Patios, Decks) design/ decor management, the creation of unique decor pieces that I plan to sell from my online boutique and online business coaching services for other aspiring entrepreneurs in the same industry that want to start and/or take their business to the next level.

Design inspirations for my brand, including a signature grapevine wreath that I created. Look for elements of this backdrop on my website and social media sites.

Please visit my new site, including my online portfolio of original pieces, client inspired and custom-designed creations, and the full line of service offerings at If you love to plan/decorate and currently run an event planning or interior design business or aspire to start one, please sign up for the Virtual Business Support Group (VBSG) membership for free/low cost business tools, tips, training and/or one-on-one business coaching tailored to this industry to take your business to the next level. Lastly, if you want to become part of the Eventeriors family, don't forget to subscribe to my email list so that you will have access to new, bi-weekly blog posts as soon as they are released.

Eventeriors by Jacqueline can also be currently found on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, with a YouTube channel coming launching this weekend. Stay tuned!!

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